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Goodtype was created with the help of friends, clients and over two decades of behind the chair experience.

I cut and color hair, and have heard just about every hair concern and desire. Most of my clients wanted a product that delivers a lived-in style without the flatness of an oil, dryness of sea salt, stiffness of hairspray/gel, stickiness of waxy pomades or that unkempt feeling of unwashed hair covered in dry shampoo. People like to touch their hair without compromising style.
After two years of development, Goodtype launched in 2016 with paraben and sulfate-free products that utilize ingredients such as beeswax, keratin, collagen, and aloe vera to keep hair strong and moisturized while retaining shape. The result is effortless, lived-in looks for various hair textures and lengths.
Goodtype is extra special to me because it was created with the help of my clients. Its launch was 100% funded with years of gratuity money earned while I worked (and currently work) as a stylist in New York City. Generosity is at the heart of every Goodtype product, so I hope you share its secret to that good type of hair. 
Mune Tran





 *All packaging is reusable and recyclable. Made in Brooklyn, NY.